Syllabus 2019-2020

Thursday 26th September  2019                                             Mrs Shamina Hassan

                                                                                                    "Memory Lane"                      


Thursday 24th October 2019                                                  Mrs Marilyn Bevan

                                                                                                    “An Autumn Twist”


Thursday 28th November 2019                                              Mrs Ada Paul

Coffee Afternoon                                                                       “Christmas Sparkle" 


Thursday 23rd January 2020                                                 “Member’s Only” 



Thursday 27th February 2020                                                Mrs Pamela Galloway

                                                                                                    “How Did I get here???”


Thursday 26th March 2020                                                    Mrs Julia Loudon

                                                                                                     “A World Full of Interest”          


Thursday 23rd April 2020                                                        Mrs Linda Soutar

 Coffee Afternoon                                                                      " Surprise Surprise"

Thursday 28th May 2020                                                         AGM 6.30 pm

                                                                                                    The Kirklands Hotel 



Our January meeting in the kitchen of Kinross Church was  fun as usual.  Everyone enjoyed the chat with coffee/tea, savouries and cakes.  The afternoon started with a few notices from Christine and dates for your diaries.  Christine wished us all a very Happy New Year and then those who brought flowers started working. Then came the Quizzes which resulted in a lot of laughing and groaning.........

This session 2019-2020 we will be holding our Members' meeting in the cafe in The Millbridge Hall because we have had to find new premises.  We enjoyed our time in the church immensely and will always remember the help and assisstance we were given from the everyone there with gratitude. It is written in the Church Constitution that raffles and tombola are not permitted and therefore we cannot continue to do that.  As this is how we dispose of the flowers arrangements after a demonstration and collect funds for the flower allowance we had to think of other locations.  This is why we are now at The Millbridge Hall.

Our time has also changed from starting at 1pm to starting at 2pm.  This was voted on at the AGM as everyone felt 1pm was too close to lunchtime.


The committee are always looking for new ways to engage our members and we really need your input to keep the club alive, so any suggestions about what to do on our members' meeting would be gratefully received.

So what would you like to do?????????

Anyone can contact me using the form on the website or on my email

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