People ask - what is a floral art club?

If you have ever wanted to learn how to arrange flowers then that’s what a floral art club is about. We have a wide selection of National and Area demonstrators attending our monthly meetings, displaying their own style and love of all things "flower".

​Flower arrangers start building a design in a number of ways.  It may be a new vase or basket; or an unusual piece that can be used as a container.   Anything from a tin can to a crystal candle stick; the colour and type of flowers or pieces of wood and grasses.  They all have a place in flower arranging and no doubt you will have your own favourite.

​Each demonstrator we have visiting the club brings her or his own unique designs for our entertainment.  There are normally 5 or 6 arrangements made in the evening and each is raffled off at the end of the evening so you could go home with a splendid floral arrangement for the price of a raffle ticket.  The demonstrator will often have a theme for their designs and an interesting chat to go with them.  

​You can enjoy a relaxed and friendly evening and perhaps be inspired to try some of the designs at home.  We are always looking for new members, hopefully some who are interested to learn how to arrange flowers.  We will be placing information about classes and training days on our web page for those wishing to try it for themselves.

​There are different styles of arranging some you may already be familiar with, like hand tied bunches which are available in every supermarket.

  • There are also traditional styles which follow a more geometric shape like a triangle, asymmetric triangle, a line either horizontal or vertical. 

  • There are freestyle arrangements which are more free-flowing and natural. 

  • The Continental style where plants are grouped together either by colour or shape.

  • Ikebana which is the Japanese style of floral art

Whatever way you like your flowers there will be examples demonstrated by experts at our club meetings.  Come and see for yourself!

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